September 13, 2008


oNLY SEE......


August 03, 2008

More and more owner of motorcycle

In Developed countries has motorbike is assumed [by] a real ordinary thing, different with flower nations of all main roads / protocol always pass by quickly motorcycle
. Why that way ? Mostly in Transportation problem developed countries have been overcome with mass transportation ( either train, bus or other). Beside accuracy of time expense of also cheaper relative.
This hardly leaving for back with Developing countries, besides tranportasi is less, as for often mistimes and its(the cost is also expensive. SO for they are better buys motorbike. Though if it is thought farther level of contamination of pollution would be more and requires more gasoline also.

May 31, 2008


Comfort, Speed, Action

Honda CS1 environmental friendliness according to standard Euro 2 specified by the Government, applies straightening machine 4 do not 125 cc, SOHC, equiped Liquid cooled Radiator ( air-conditioned radiator of dilution), proven delayed, bandel, energetic, and responsive, makes Honda CS1 as motorbike exponent which suited for urban and balmy applied to be everyday for dressy young circle, active, and love to become cynosure

Nice Motor Cycle

masterpiece of motorcycle... MV Agusta , press release on International Motorcycle Show Milan, MV Agusta F4CC (CC for Claudio Castiglioni, MV Agusta Managing Director). And until now I still like this product... what's next ?

May 27, 2008

Motor High CC

1640 cc, American produced engine (no, not Harley)
will go up motorbike deliciously and quickly...

wish to have it.... still confusing chooses...