May 16, 2013

Are Adult Motorcycle Rallies For You?

You've heard the rumors, your best girlfriend has shown you her pictures and you've been dying to go with her for the past several years but you just can't quite get yourself to take the plunge and attend your first adult motorcycle rally. It's not like you're a prude, heck you've been known to flash a biker or two on occasion and there was that spur of the moment wet t-shirt contest at last year's birthday bash. However, you still have a bit of apprehension when it comes to adult motorcycle rallies, so, let's take a closer look these festive events and see if we can help you to finally decide if adult motorcycle rallies are right for you!

What exactly is an adult motorcycle rally? In truth, there is no correct answer to this question as adult motorcycle rallies are different things to different people but they do hold one thing in common, they do not allow anyone under the age of 21 through the gate. And while it would be impossible to define what an adult motorcycle rally is, it is quite simple to describe what they are not. Let's start with the misconception that adult motorcycle rallies are packed full of naked people running around doing crazy things as this could be no further from the truth. Are there blatant acts of nudity at these rallies? Certainly there are but they are not the driving force behind these events, they are only a small piece of the lifestyle. Another misconception is that adult biker rallies are drunken, wild free for alls. This too could not be further from the truth. While there is plenty of drinking and hell rising going on at these parties, it certainly does not run ramped throughout the rally.

Motorcycle Helmets - One Thing That Protects You From Fatality During an Accident

The motorcycle helmet is a serious bit of gear that you wear over your head when you ride a motorcycle. In most states, the motorcycle helmet legislation makes it mandatory to wear a helmet, though a few states do not enforce this strictly. You will find more head accident injuries in states where helmets are not imperative. Statistics show beyond any doubt that wearing a motorcycle helmet would surely have prevented several head injuries and fatal accidents.

Motorcycle Helmets today, come in various sizes, shapes and patterns, including full face, open face, off-road, flip-up, and even short size helmets. However, whichever helmet you choose finally, please make sure that it meets the specifications laid down by the DOT and features a Snell rating, which guarantees the highest degree of protection and helps you at the time of making an accident insurance claim.

Everyone likes to wear what he likes, but going by safety standards, a complete full-face helmet is the best choice for its special features that not only include an extra chin bar protection, but also supports a tinted face shield that adds to the aesthetics and glamor of the helmet.