November 16, 2012

Prepare Your Motorcycle for Winter

Winter motorcycle preparation is important to help keep your motorbike running in tip top condition through the winter months. Don't get caught short, here is a list of thing to check and do before winter hits.


Fill the system with anti-freeze to protect your bike. If water alone is used, this can cause extensive and expensive damage as it freezes and expands. If the liquid in the system is clear, it most likely doesn't contain any anti- freeze at all, if you're not sure about its contents, flush the system and refill.


As we all know slippery roads require more grip and good tyres are essential for winter riding. Purchasing tyres that designed specifically for winter weather is always a good idea, to prevent your bike from slipping and giving the best road performance. Checking tyre pressure is essential as under inflated tyres can affect your bikes handling significantly.


Making a Motorcycle Helmet Cam Work for You!

If you've ever watched any motor sports you know that the teams, drivers, or riders will review footage of their races and practices to see where they can improve. In recent years this has been taken to the next level for dirt bike and motorcycle riders. The riders can strap on helmet cams and literally relive their race to see where they made mistakes, or where they could have made better choices. The pros will do this to pick up a tenth of a second per lap sometimes. They can see very minor mistakes or better lines that make them a better rider or give them a faster lap. A motorcycle helmet cam can make YOU a better rider too!

When it comes to motorcycle riding, we are an obsessed bunch. That should be the case for improving our skills as a rider also! A helmet camera can help us do just that. Take for instance a dirt bike rider on a trail ride through the woods. There's going to be lots of obstacles to traverse and a number of line choices. With you camera rolling, you get to review your ride back at home. Sure the camera gets to capture the ride and some scenery but it's also capturing more. It can show you what you're doing right, and what you are doing wrong. While riding you have to make split second decisions about what line to take, or how to traverse or avoid an obstacle. Sometimes we make the right choice, sometimes the wrong. Reviewing footage of a ride can help you to hone those skills and be better prepared for the next time.

Motorcycles And Life

The other morning I was riding my motorcycle to work, as I do every day I can, and I was thinking about how much my ride to work resembles life. Yes, I have lots of time to think during my hour ride to work and hour and a half ride home every day with just me in my helmet... no cell phones, no calls, no emails, no texts... completely disconnected from technology... completely disconnected from everything except my thoughts.

My ride to work isn't necessarily the most difficult, but there are moments where I wish the road was smoother, the hills weren't so steep, or there weren't so many obstacles in my path... just as in life.

Hills: We all face ups and downs in life. Some feel like mountains, while others feel like small hills. As I was going up one particularly steep hill I found myself coaching my motorcycle saying, "Come on girl, we both know you can take this hill. We've got this!" First of all, yes, I was talking to my bike... what rational, sane human being doesn't talk to inanimate objects? Second, we do this in life, too... at least we should. We need coaching from others, but more importantly, we need coaching from ourselves to get us over these mountains and hills.