November 25, 2011

Motorcycle HID Kits

Whether you are interested in being safe or turning heads, you will achieve both by installing a HID kit in your motorcycle. Not only do the bright lights make a dramatic difference and customize the look of your machine, they enhance your safety enabling you to see better and be seen at night.

Motorcycle HID bulbs

The new technology in HID kits enables you to convert your halogen headlights into super performance HID bulbs which produce three times the light without compromising on focus or correct beam patterns. Standard xenon bulbs have a single beam which is used for either low or high beam. Bi-xenon bulbs provide both low and high beam in the same bulb using xenon and halogen gases. Purpose made xenon HID bulbs have a UV cut to avoid scratching the plastic lenses and come with a metal or ceramic holder. HID bulbs have a lifespan of three to five years.

HID bulbs come in various sizes which match your current halogen headlights. Simply check the headlight you want to replace or look in your owner's manual to find the size such as H1, H3, H4, H7 etc. This means they will fit into your existing headlights without any need for modification. Twin headlight HID kits are suitable for motorcycles with two headlamps.

The color temperature of the HID bulbs typically comes in 4300K, 6000K which produces diamond white and is the most popular, 8000K which gives blue light, a deeper blue at 10000K and violet at 30000K.

CAN-Bus HID kits

An advanced bulb warning system is installed in newer motorcycles, mainly in BMW bikes from 2005 onwards. This CAN-Bus system cuts out the power to the headlights if bulbs are running at less than 55W. Since HID bulbs are only 35W, this safety feature can interfere with common HID kits and cause flickering and possible radio interference. If your motorcycle has this system, you need to purchase a CAN-Bus HID kit to prevent false bulb warnings.

Slim digital ballasts

Many kits make use of the new slim digital ballasts with separate starter. This improves reliability and saves on space and weight. They are simple to install and easier maintained. Ballasts are usually made from steel or aluminium and are waterproof and vibration resistant. They also have a shut off mode to avert damage or flammability if a malfunction occurs.

HID kit components

A kit will contain bulbs with the size and color chosen by the buyer, ballasts, mounting brackets, harness wire and screws. Manufacturers should provide a one to two year warranty covering the failure of any components within the kit.

Most HID kits are designed to be 'plug and play' systems and installation is found not to take any longer than sixty minutes though the time varies depending on the type of motorcycle. Each kit should come with an instruction manual which shows you how to replace your halogen bulls with HID lights by plugging the bulb to the ballast and the ballast plugs to the factory OEM harness.

General or brand name motorcycle kits

It is possible to buy either general motorcycle HID kits or to purchase ones for different makes and models of motorbikes. Those who manufacture HID headlight kits for their make of motorcycle have very specialized knowledge and experience of their bikes, and ensure that all the kits pass rigorous quality testing. HID headlight kits can cost anywhere from $45-$300, with the ones specific to motorcycle brands being more expensive.

A HID Bulb is the longest lasting and best headlight on the market today. Motorcycle HID kits are a hot and high-in-demand headlight when customizing a bike.

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