November 18, 2013

The Progression of Leather Motorcycle Jackets for Men

What is the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions a Harley Davidson? Some would say big hefty bikes, while others would describe huge bearded men riding those bikes. On the other hand some people would describe the outfits that those men would possibly wear and yes, that would be the exhilarating leather culture that is associated with this phenomenon. A classic example given by anyone would be of a huge, hulk of a man, riding a Harley Davidson wearing a scintillating motorcycle leather jacket with a pair of baggy jeans and boots, covered from head to toe in tattoos, with chunky silver chains. Indeed, this is the perfect image generated when someone mentions a Harley Davidson. So what is that one key element that just combines this entire look? That's right; it's the men's motorcycle leather jackets because without this, the whole image would be incomplete!

So, has anyone heard of Marlon Brando? Of course, who hasn't? Famous for his role in the film "The Wild Ones" in 1953, he was the pioneer of the whole rebellious leather culture that was seen during that era. It was during that time that leather motorcycle jackets for men were introduced in the film industry and Brando was seen in his black motorcycle leather jacket throughout his film. It was fascinating for the men of that era to see how an outerwear could be used to symbolize certain concepts and in their case, men's motorcycle leather jackets were the emblem of rebels. Even in Brando's film, "The Wild Ones" his character is seen as belonging to a rebellious motorcycle gang, facing off another rebellious gang; their rivals. Therefore, most of the men of that era, after seeing their idol indulging in rebellious behavior while wearing extremely attractive leather jackets, couldn't help but to adopt the same style and behavior. For that reason, leather motorcycle jackets for men were always associated with the concept of rebellious and unruly behavior.

October 23, 2013

Useful Tips for Buying Motorcycle Parts and Accessories

If you are passionate about riding and you own a bike, you need to find out the best ways to buy parts and accessories. You need to ensure that you invest in the best products and take good care of your bike so that you can get optimum performance for a long time. You should make sure that you get regular inspection of the motorcycle and replace any worn out parts immediately. Apart from ensuring that the bike is in good condition, you also have to think about your personal safety by wearing the right gear, especially the helmet.

Buying Original Parts

When you need to change or replace any motorcycle parts, you should always opt for the original equipment manufacturers. This means that you will get the specific parts that are recommended by the manufacturers. When you buy the new OEM parts, you are guaranteed of superior quality. This means that you will be restoring your bike to a condition that is almost as good as new. These motorcycle parts are often more costly than other options but they are worth the cost for the results you get.

Aftermarket Parts

These are parts manufactured as quality substitutes of the original parts. Just like with the originals, these parts usually have superior performance. There are some aftermarket parts that can offer similar or even higher performance than the originals. It is, however, important to consider the manufacturer to avoid buying brands that do not work with your bike. Many bike enthusiasts prefer the aftermarket parts because they can use them to customize their bikes to suit their specific needs.

Buying Used Parts

September 11, 2013

Motorcycle Accidents: Knowing The Facts And Taking Precaution

From Marlon Brando in The Wild Ones, to Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda in Easy Rider, there has always been a certain culture, image or mystique surrounding motorcycles. Ask any motorcycle rider what they love about riding and you will get answers like: I love the wind in my face, there's nothing like the feeling of freedom on the open road, it's the best way to see the country, the power and sense of speed is exhilarating, it's fun and it's an adrenaline rush. Some may even say, "It's the risk and danger of it."

Whether riding a tricked out Harley, a classic Indian or just a daily commuter, there is just something about cruising down the highway or zipping through town on a motorcycle. In today's economy of high gas prices, they can offer an affordable alternative when filling up at the pump. But there is also another side to motorcycles: accidents.

There is a saying among motorcyclists: "If you ride long enough, it's not if you're going to have an accident, it's when". And when those accidents happen they are far more likely to cause severe injury or death. Statistics show that on a per-mile driven basis, there are 35 times more deaths among motorcycle riders than automobile drivers. In Emergency Rooms, a dark term for motorcycles is donor cycles. That's a pretty alarming and the statistics bear closer examination, so let's break it down.

56% of motorcycle deaths involve collisions with other vehicles
78% of those deaths are from head-on collisions with automobiles or trucks
25% of motorcycle deaths involve hitting a fixed object
75% of motorcycle accidents involve the rider not properly negotiating a curve

Elements of Performance Motorcycle Exhaust Systems!

Every rider has some concept about the exhaust pipe system that his bike has. However, what most people don't recognize is that exhaust systems are an incredible key element to any engine, whether motorbike or car. Despite the fact that the upgraded motorbike exhaust market is booming, most motorbike lovers are not conscious of this. After all, you don't need to know the particulars of your motorcycle's exhaust system if you wish to modify it. Still, any serious rider would want to know as much as possible about their vehicle. Catalytic converters are gadgets that are used for decreasing pollutants. There is an adverse element of catalytic converters, though: they make back pressure, resulting in the end energy of the motorcycle dropping considerably. Changing or eliminating these rely entirely upon the regulations in your country or state.

The resonators, exhaust pipes and silencers, are gadgets whose objective is to decrease the sound coming from the exhaust system, pipes being the more effective of the two. However, silencers are said to be less destructive to the motorcycle's great end energy, as exhaust pipes can lead to an important decrease.

June 05, 2013

Motorcycles and Kids - Can They Go Together?

Motorcycles and child passengers, how safe and practical is it? While there are certainly times when bringing the children along is not safe or practical, such as in certain types of weather or at certain ages, it is certainly possible to enjoy a family bike ride, as long as you think it through first.

Your first consideration should be to determine what age is appropriate to bring your children on a motorcycle ride. Some parents will wait until their children can reach the footpegs on the bike before even considering bringing them along, while others may wait even longer. You also have to consider the maturity of your child. Even though a child is tall enough to ride, that doesn't mean they are mature enough to handle it. Some children might not be able to sit still for long periods of time, others might all asleep easily and not be able to stay stable, while others will be alert and calm enough to enjoy the ride. Every child is different, so you must make your own decision. Some kids may just not be right for motorcycle rides until they are in their teens.

May 16, 2013

Are Adult Motorcycle Rallies For You?

You've heard the rumors, your best girlfriend has shown you her pictures and you've been dying to go with her for the past several years but you just can't quite get yourself to take the plunge and attend your first adult motorcycle rally. It's not like you're a prude, heck you've been known to flash a biker or two on occasion and there was that spur of the moment wet t-shirt contest at last year's birthday bash. However, you still have a bit of apprehension when it comes to adult motorcycle rallies, so, let's take a closer look these festive events and see if we can help you to finally decide if adult motorcycle rallies are right for you!

What exactly is an adult motorcycle rally? In truth, there is no correct answer to this question as adult motorcycle rallies are different things to different people but they do hold one thing in common, they do not allow anyone under the age of 21 through the gate. And while it would be impossible to define what an adult motorcycle rally is, it is quite simple to describe what they are not. Let's start with the misconception that adult motorcycle rallies are packed full of naked people running around doing crazy things as this could be no further from the truth. Are there blatant acts of nudity at these rallies? Certainly there are but they are not the driving force behind these events, they are only a small piece of the lifestyle. Another misconception is that adult biker rallies are drunken, wild free for alls. This too could not be further from the truth. While there is plenty of drinking and hell rising going on at these parties, it certainly does not run ramped throughout the rally.

Motorcycle Helmets - One Thing That Protects You From Fatality During an Accident

The motorcycle helmet is a serious bit of gear that you wear over your head when you ride a motorcycle. In most states, the motorcycle helmet legislation makes it mandatory to wear a helmet, though a few states do not enforce this strictly. You will find more head accident injuries in states where helmets are not imperative. Statistics show beyond any doubt that wearing a motorcycle helmet would surely have prevented several head injuries and fatal accidents.

Motorcycle Helmets today, come in various sizes, shapes and patterns, including full face, open face, off-road, flip-up, and even short size helmets. However, whichever helmet you choose finally, please make sure that it meets the specifications laid down by the DOT and features a Snell rating, which guarantees the highest degree of protection and helps you at the time of making an accident insurance claim.

Everyone likes to wear what he likes, but going by safety standards, a complete full-face helmet is the best choice for its special features that not only include an extra chin bar protection, but also supports a tinted face shield that adds to the aesthetics and glamor of the helmet.

April 16, 2013

Great Scenic Routes for Your Motorcycle Ride

There's no doubt that riding a motorcycle is a great way to take in scenic roads. It's wonderful, in that with a motorcycle, you can enjoy more of the scenery, not impeded by the roof, windows and hood of a car surrounding you.

You can enjoy many scenic rides across the United States, many enjoyable any time of year. Here are some of the best scenic rides for your next motorcycle jaunt.

Highway 101 - California

This highway runs completely up and down the west coast of the United States. Starting in Los Angeles, or ending there if you prefer, this highway is 1550 miles in length. In Southern California, the highway is very much a highly trafficked freeway, complete with rush hour traffic. However, as you head north, the highway becomes a bit more scenic. It isn't until you near the Bay Area that the ride really becomes special, as following the 101 will take you right over the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Heading north, you will ride along forested coastlines and through the great redwood trees of Northern California.

Motorcycle Safety and Survival Guide

After over forty years of riding a motorcycle, I have learned a few simple rules to make each riding experience as safe and enjoyable as possible. I am not an instructor but I am a veteran motorcycle rider and enthusiast. I commute and ride leisurely every chance I get.
In this article, I will briefly discuss the motorcycle, the riding gear and highway safety.
If you are new to motorcycling, I strongly recommend that you contact your local Department of Motor Vehicle Office and obtain all study guides and literature available for your state and city in which you reside.


Is your motorcycle safe to ride?
Before swinging your leg over the seat, it's always a good idea to inspect the following items on your motorcycle. Always use your manufacturer's owner's manual to identify measurements, tolerances and specifications to complete the checklist below. If you don't have an owner's manual, purchase one, read it and get to know your motorcycle.

1. Tire condition
2. Proper tire pressure
3. Front and rear breaks
4. Fluid levels
5. Forks and shocks
6. Chain or drive belt
7. Head lights, tail light, break light and turn signals.
If you feel that your motorcycle may be unsafe to ride, don't ride it until you have made the necessary repairs. The above safety precautions may avoid an accident or a crash. Should you find yourself in an emergency situation, odds are in your favor if your bike is at peak performance level.


March 12, 2013

Classic Accessories MotoGear 73707 Motorcycle Saddle Bags

Do you want different with your motorcycle ? Classic Accessories MotoGear 73707 Motorcycle Saddle Bags can make it  :

-Dual saddle bags attach quickly with adjustable rubberized grip straps and quick-release buckles
-Heat shield panels on the bottom and sides protect against hot exhaust
-Foam panels provide structure and protect gear
-Big zippered cargo compartments with easy-open handles
-Pull-out storm shield

MotoGear Motorcycle Saddle Bags are a rugged, universal-fit saddle bag cargo system. The heavy-duty UV-resistant ProtekX Extreme fabric shell provides maximum weather and abrasion protection. Heat shield panels on the bottom and sides protect the bags from hot exhaust, while the interior foam panels provide structure and cushion your gear. These saddle bags also feature exterior zippered side pockets and reflective trim. If you want it click :

Classic Accessories MotoGear 73707 Motorcycle Saddle Bags

March 06, 2013

Embroidered Patches and Motorcycle Clubs

Embroidered patches are used to identify affiliation, rank and creed. They are a relatively inexpensive way for organizations to brand their members and can be attached to different kinds of clothing pretty easily.

There are very few organizations that take their embroidered patches as seriously as the motorcycle clubs tend to do. As with military patches, there is a method behind the wearing of patches given out by motorcycle clubs - the wearer needs to have earned those patches and been deemed worthy of their use.

Club patches designate affiliation but individual riders are also allowed to wear their own patches which speak of individual achievement or experience. Patches can tell a story and the history behind each patch worn by a rider would make an interesting book, if only we could actually get near enough to them to find out what those stories are.

What are Motorcycle Clubs?

Basically, motorcycle clubs consist of a group of people (usually men) who are avid motorcycle riders and are affiliated with a particular group or territory.

February 20, 2013

Motorcycle Accessories

Motorcycle accessories, such as helmets and gloves, are designed to protect a person while riding a motorcycle. There are also accessories, such as stickers, which will improve the aesthetics of a motorcycle, and make it unique. With so many different types of motorcycle accessories available, it can be a hard task to know what's what. This article takes a look at some of the most common types of motorcycle accessories, and it also provides some top tips on where to find the best motorcycle supplier for your needs.


Helmets are an essential motorcycle accessory. Not only will they protect the skull in the event of an accident, but they will also help to keep insects, dust particles, and wind out of the eyes. It is important that you pick a motorcycle helmet that is both comfortable and that fits well. They are available in a range of colours, shapes, and sizes.


Gloves are used to protect the hands, and to keep them warm and dry while on the road. Like helmets, they are available in a range of sizes and styles, so you can pick a pair that complements your look.