July 20, 2011

Start a Motorcycle Shop Business

In starting a motorcycle shop, first off I truly believe it needs to be a hobby, something you love doing. If you like to build and fix your own motorcycle, you could turn this passion into a lucrative business. The subject of starting a business is beyond the scope of this article, but here are a few tips to get you started.

TIP# 1 - DO NOT quit your day job. Don't risk your job till you are sure you want to do this.
TIP# 2 - Dream Big and Start Small

Your startup cost does not have to be large and you can easily start your shop in your garage, one bike at a time. No one ever got anywhere by staying in the same place and most of us all crawled and walked before we took off running. In other words starting small will get you where you want to be - just keep on keeping on.

Don't risk quitting your day job until you are sure this is something you really want to do. But do treat your new side work as a business, working it full time on the weekends is a great idea.

By testing the water like this you will discover if making the adjustment to starting your own motorcycle shop is something you really want to do or not. You will also learn if this is really the line of work you want to do all day.

The number one reason most folks fail at starting their own business is because they can not adjust their hobby over to a business. Changing your hobby to a business means your motivation changes. So starting off small with your Motorcycle Shop business will actually break the BIG picture down to smaller different views of this dream.

If you notice your interest has changed, keep a positive attitude and KNOW you are not in the same place you were before this lesson. Every entrepreneur I have met will decide on something they want to do and their attitude changes, they are all excited. The great thing about starting a motorcycle shop is it doesn't have to have large startup cost. But remember always go after your interest, maybe starting a motorcycle shop is not for you but your desire to be around motorcycles is still strong, combine some other interest you have. If you love cooking, biker rallies need some great food vendors!

If you notice you are on track, your perseverance has developed an unconscious drive to succeed. Once this happens you actually begin to tolerate things much easier because you are heading in the direction you want to go. The old saying that Rome wasn't built in a DAY becomes very clear and you know your on the road to success.

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Debra Bartrop

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