April 19, 2009

Are Electric Motorcycles the Future of Motocross?

Motocross has taken a hit in recent times with endless complaints over the levels of noise pollution. The noise some would say is all part of the fun and excitement, but for nearby neighbors it is far from that. To add insult to injury the noise from the big 4 stroke engines carries for miles, meaning it is a source of frustration for people who are not even close to the track. Enter the electric motorbike.

The Quantya Track electric motorcycle looks like a scramble bike. It has most of the features that any other motocross bike would have but there are some key things missing. The most noticeable is the lack of an exhaust. When you sit on the bike you will notice there are no foot pedals. The are no gears, therefore no need for a clutch. The rear brake is on the handlebars like on a bicycle.

The biggest differences are seen when you turn the bike on. It makes no noise whatsoever. Just the lights on the battery gauge come on. When you ride, the bike accelerates fast. There are no gears so it is just twist and go. It takes a little practice to get your riding smooth. The only noise is that of a small whirring like on a remote control car, and then the noise of the chain going round and the tyres on the ground. The noise carries no further than a hundred metres. For all intents and purposes the Quantya Track electric motorbike is totally silent.

It sounds perfect in many ways. There are however many skeptics. Sure it would go a long way to improving access to the sport and is not dependent on fossil fuels. There are limitations however such as the limited range the bikes have. The price is still relatively high due to the new technology, and the top end speed is no match for combustion engine bikes. Over the coming years though, it is likely to change. Electric motorbikes are developing fast and being green is not just trendy anymore - it is a must.

Tom Beaton works for Quantya Electric Motorcycles UK. Find out more about the Quantya Track electric motorbike.

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Tony said...

Jeewhiz people are picky about a little noise from a dirt bike...just deal with it.