January 15, 2010

DOT Approved Motorcycle Helmets - Make the Right Choice

For safety reasons, it is essential that you buy the appropriate motorcycle riding gear. The most important piece of gear is a quality motorcycle helmet. When purchasing a new helmet, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. In addition to any stylistic concerns, you must concern yourself with the overall safety of the helmets you are considering. Don't just take the seller's word about the safety features. Is the helmet DOT Approved? Choosing only DOT approved helmets ensures that your helmet has passed certain safety standards implemented by the Department of Transportation.

DOT approved helmets have been certified by the DOT as meeting rigorous safety standards. If you do not choose a DOT helmet, it will not protect your head if you should crash. Most areas also require DOT approved motorcycle helmets if you are riding on the road; you can get in trouble with the law simply on the basis of using a non-DOT helmet. Plus, the bottom line is that non-DOT approved helmets won't go very far in protecting you from injury. This is not a helmet that you should trust with your life.

To identify DOT motorcycle helmets, first look for a DOT sticker, which is usually found at the back of the helmet, towards the bottom. There should also be a DOT label sewn into the helmet lining. Every motorcycle helmet sold in the U.S. must be evaluated by the Department of Transportation, but not all models will gain DOT approval.

How does a helmet become DOT approved? Each helmet model undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it meets or exceeds safety regulations. These include impact test, drop tests, and other methods to simulate a crash situation. The results of these tests must show that the helmet offers adequate protection, including impact and penetration protection and the ability to remain securely on the rider's head during an accident. All motorcycle helmets sold in the U.S. must have at least a 210 degree field of vision to qualify for DOT approval. By choosing approved helmets, you can be sure that you are getting the best protection possible.

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