October 08, 2012

How to Make Your Motorcycle Jacket Look More Interesting?

Few would debate the fact that our collective unconscious unquestioningly identifies leather with anarchistic rebellion or intimidating toughness. The fashion trends in the mainstream culture are often inspired by the stylish trends initiated by celebrities and fashion designers. If you are a die-hard observer of fashionable biker wear, you have probably taken a close look at the gorgeous images of Fergie and Kristen Stewart in sumptuous black leather jackets.

If you want to add an eccentric look to your persona, you can wear several accessories with your motorcycle jacket. These accessories will make your motorcycle jacket look more appealing thereby projecting a more vibrant and fashionable you! Highlighted below are some of the tips that will make your biker jacket look exceptionally fashionable!

a) If you know the trick of how to achieve perfect color coordination between your motorcycle jacket and other accessories, you are a few meager steps away from becoming a freelance designer. The soft, buttery richness of the jacket would look charming with a brightly colored dress. Additionally, if you plan on going to a formal party or a dinner engagement, your cropped leather jacket would look elegant with a cocktail dress and high heel stilettos.

For professional and amateur female bikers, biker jackets fitted with heavy-duty protector inserts especially in the shoulder, spine and elbow regions will serve as the most viable option. On the contrary, females who want to wear a motorcycle jacket as part of their everyday attire can flash a truly dazzling look by wearing this apparel item with a mini-skirt, short dress, laced dress or a plaid skirt. To attain that timeless sleek look, it is recommended that you wear knee-high black colored stockings underneath your dress or skirt.

If you prefer casual attire as opposed to the more sophisticated designer outlook, you can wear your black or red colored bike jacket with a baggy T-shirt and a pair of fashionable sunglasses. However, make sure that you opt for a form-fitting jacket since a baggy or ill-fitted leather jacket will give you a disheveled, untidy appearance!

b) For fashion divas interested in generating that eye-popping look, women's motorcycle jackets can be suitably combined with a number of attractive garment items such as ripped jeans, skinny jeans, black tights or wide leg trousers. If you fancy wearing your biker jacket in the fall, it would look spectacular with red or beige colored pumps.

If you have a creative spark, you can liven up your outfit by making use of some bold make up tips such as wearing siren red lipstick and painting your nails black. For those of you who can afford extravagant jewelry, a jewel encrusted bracelet or gold- plated necklace or chain would serve to intensify the alluring aura of your leather jacket!

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