November 16, 2012

Prepare Your Motorcycle for Winter

Winter motorcycle preparation is important to help keep your motorbike running in tip top condition through the winter months. Don't get caught short, here is a list of thing to check and do before winter hits.


Fill the system with anti-freeze to protect your bike. If water alone is used, this can cause extensive and expensive damage as it freezes and expands. If the liquid in the system is clear, it most likely doesn't contain any anti- freeze at all, if you're not sure about its contents, flush the system and refill.


As we all know slippery roads require more grip and good tyres are essential for winter riding. Purchasing tyres that designed specifically for winter weather is always a good idea, to prevent your bike from slipping and giving the best road performance. Checking tyre pressure is essential as under inflated tyres can affect your bikes handling significantly.


With shorter days, if you're commuting to and from work these journeys will most likely be carried out with minimal light. Regularly check the lights on your bike and clean the lenses on a regular basis.


While making sure your bike is in perfect condition for winter riding is important, you also need to make sure you are as well. As the temperature drops, make you sure are wrapped up warm! Invest in protective weatherproof riding gear and wind proof yourself from head to toe. Being comfortable on your ride will is especially important in the cold. Make sure you wear something high visibility or reflective so that you can be seen when visibility is low.


If you are planning on sorting your bike away during the winter, keeping your bike protected from the cold weather while it is out of action is just as important to avoid forking out for costly repairs months later. Your motorbike needs to be protected from corrosion while it is not in use. Change the oil and the oil filter, as used oil contains corrosive substances. Flush and fill hydraulic lines, if this hasn't been done in the precious 10,000 miles. External components also need protection from corrosion, make sure your bike has been washed, dried, wax and grease any moving parts. Finally, make sure you fill your bike with fresh fuel, mixed with a stabiliser to avoid clogging the system.

Lock your motorbike away securely in a garage or storage unit. This will act as a barrier to the cold weather, protecting your bike and its components. If you don't have a storage unit, it is worthwhile investing in one for the added protection that they provide. A range of secure motorcycle storage is available from Asgard, offering the best protection from winter weather and theft, leaving your bike dry, safe and ready to ride when the weather gets better. see the range of motorcycle storage here. Article Source: Article Source: