April 16, 2013

Great Scenic Routes for Your Motorcycle Ride

There's no doubt that riding a motorcycle is a great way to take in scenic roads. It's wonderful, in that with a motorcycle, you can enjoy more of the scenery, not impeded by the roof, windows and hood of a car surrounding you.

You can enjoy many scenic rides across the United States, many enjoyable any time of year. Here are some of the best scenic rides for your next motorcycle jaunt.

Highway 101 - California

This highway runs completely up and down the west coast of the United States. Starting in Los Angeles, or ending there if you prefer, this highway is 1550 miles in length. In Southern California, the highway is very much a highly trafficked freeway, complete with rush hour traffic. However, as you head north, the highway becomes a bit more scenic. It isn't until you near the Bay Area that the ride really becomes special, as following the 101 will take you right over the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Heading north, you will ride along forested coastlines and through the great redwood trees of Northern California.

Once you head over the Oregon border, you will see quaint small towns and fishing villages. Heading farther north, you will ride through some of the most beautiful forested coastline on earth, complete with gorgeous lighthouses, majestic bridges and even sand dunes.

US Route 30 - Pennsylvania

Prefer some American history with your ride? Then check out US Route 30 in Pennsylvania, also called the Lincoln Highway. This road winds through farmlands and country towns, as well as through the unforgettable Civil War site, Gettysburg.

Route 1 - Florida

Fancy some warm weather, blue water and white sand beaches? Then check out this ride along Florida's Route 1 from Miami to Key West. Head over water, around water, along the beaches, with plenty of places to stop to work on your tan.

Route 160 - Utah

For a scenic ride through beautiful and vast desert scenery, consider Route 160 from the 4 corners to Zion. You will wind through Monument Valley, home to many movie shoots over the years, Lake Powell, the north rim of the Grand Canyon and the stunning beauty of Bryce Canyon National Park. The views on this route are simply epic.

Skyline Drive - Vermont

If you love mountain views, then you won't want to miss this toll road in Vermont. It is only 5 miles long, but at 3200+ feet in elevation, the road will give you amazing views of some of the most iconic mountain ranges in the United States, including the Adirondack Mountains and Green Mountains. The road is only open from the beginning of May until the end of October.

Trace Road - Kentucky/Tennessee

If you love animals, then Trace Road is for you. This scenic stunner runs through both Kentucky and Tennessee, winding through the Lakes National Recreation Area. Do be careful though, as the area offers few towns and residences. That's what makes this road amazing for viewing wildlife, however.

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