June 05, 2013

Motorcycles and Kids - Can They Go Together?

Motorcycles and child passengers, how safe and practical is it? While there are certainly times when bringing the children along is not safe or practical, such as in certain types of weather or at certain ages, it is certainly possible to enjoy a family bike ride, as long as you think it through first.

Your first consideration should be to determine what age is appropriate to bring your children on a motorcycle ride. Some parents will wait until their children can reach the footpegs on the bike before even considering bringing them along, while others may wait even longer. You also have to consider the maturity of your child. Even though a child is tall enough to ride, that doesn't mean they are mature enough to handle it. Some children might not be able to sit still for long periods of time, others might all asleep easily and not be able to stay stable, while others will be alert and calm enough to enjoy the ride. Every child is different, so you must make your own decision. Some kids may just not be right for motorcycle rides until they are in their teens.

Once you have determined that your child is ready for riding with you, there are a number of safety considerations to make as well. First, the law. Some states have minimum ages for motorcycle riding, while others may not have any laws regarding this at all. You must check on this beforehand.

The next thing to consider, and that should be the number one item on your list, is getting a proper sized helmet for your child. Don't make the mistake of using an adult sized helmet for your child, as this can increase the odds of your child getting hurt. With an improperly sized helmet, the helmet may come off easily and it can make it difficult for your child to see and hear. In addition, a poorly sized helmet can actually cause injury to your child's head or neck by simply being too heavy for them. Don't take a chance, take your child to a store and get a proper helmet for them.

You will also want to consider the distance you are riding, the weather and the attire your child wears. It isn't advisable to take your child on a long ride, especially at first. Keep the rides short, and do test rides around where you live. On these test rides, make sure your child knows the rules of being on the bike. How and when they can move and how to communicate with you, for example. When you are ready to ride longer distances with your child, make sure to stop often along the way. You also want to avoid riding with your children in inclement weather or very hot or very cold weather, as they may be uncomfortable. You will also want to be sure to buy proper attire and accessories for your child to wear on the trip. You want to bundle them up against the strong wind, but also make sure their eyes and face are well protected. A pair of gloves would also be advisable. You may find it easier to attain child sized protective gear at an off-roading store, as they will cater more to teens and children.

Also, where your child sits is important as well. They should never sit in front of you, as they may interfere with your control of the bike. In fact, one way that may be easier and safer for you to ride with your child is by attaching a sidecar to your motorcycle. This way your child can be strapped in and not hindering your movement in any way.

Consider all of the above, but most of all, use your common sense when thinking about riding with your children. Visit PhatSportShades for the best motorcycle sunglasses and motorcycle goggles selection on the web. Article Source: Article Source: