November 18, 2013

The Progression of Leather Motorcycle Jackets for Men

What is the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions a Harley Davidson? Some would say big hefty bikes, while others would describe huge bearded men riding those bikes. On the other hand some people would describe the outfits that those men would possibly wear and yes, that would be the exhilarating leather culture that is associated with this phenomenon. A classic example given by anyone would be of a huge, hulk of a man, riding a Harley Davidson wearing a scintillating motorcycle leather jacket with a pair of baggy jeans and boots, covered from head to toe in tattoos, with chunky silver chains. Indeed, this is the perfect image generated when someone mentions a Harley Davidson. So what is that one key element that just combines this entire look? That's right; it's the men's motorcycle leather jackets because without this, the whole image would be incomplete!

So, has anyone heard of Marlon Brando? Of course, who hasn't? Famous for his role in the film "The Wild Ones" in 1953, he was the pioneer of the whole rebellious leather culture that was seen during that era. It was during that time that leather motorcycle jackets for men were introduced in the film industry and Brando was seen in his black motorcycle leather jacket throughout his film. It was fascinating for the men of that era to see how an outerwear could be used to symbolize certain concepts and in their case, men's motorcycle leather jackets were the emblem of rebels. Even in Brando's film, "The Wild Ones" his character is seen as belonging to a rebellious motorcycle gang, facing off another rebellious gang; their rivals. Therefore, most of the men of that era, after seeing their idol indulging in rebellious behavior while wearing extremely attractive leather jackets, couldn't help but to adopt the same style and behavior. For that reason, leather motorcycle jackets for men were always associated with the concept of rebellious and unruly behavior.

Even today, these particular leather jackets are really popular among the male population. Men's motorcycle leather jackets are still purchased. However, the concept behind it being purchased has slightly changed. As we have established, men were fascinated by the association this jacket had made with the ultimate concept of rebellious behavior. But now, men simply love to wear this jacket because it has become one of the most stylish and exclusive attires in the fashion industry. Gone are those days when the concept of leather motorcycle jackets for men was associated with rebels. Now, they are associated with trend, fashion, vogue and class. Men too, have an innate longing to look good and outstanding, and they are being able to achieve this by wearing this jacket.

Hence, we can see how one particular item, men's motorcycle leather jackets, has had two very different associations in two very different eras. In one era we can see how it is related to one's behavior and in the other we can see how it's just about looks and how a person feels with that look. It's wonderful to see how one item has managed to evolve from one thing to another without its appreciation being compromised. Look extremely handsome and attractive in our brilliant collection of leather motorcycle jackets for men. Visit our online store and prepare to be amazed. Article Source: Article Source: