January 14, 2014

Motorcycle Maintenance: A 5 Step Guide

Motorcycles, like all vehicles, need to be serviced from time to time. However, in order to keep your motorcycle in general good working order, you should always carry out regular and simple maintenance checks. Get into a regular routine of checking your motorcycle in order to keep it running well until its next service. Read on for 5 easy to carry out maintenance checks for your motorcycle.

1: Read the manual!

Sounds obvious, but yet this is a commonly overlooked scenario. Even if you have owned other makes of motorcycles, each motorcycle brand and type will have its own character. Take time to read the owner manual, and refer to it if you have any troubleshooting on any issues.

2: Check tire pressure

Checking the tire pressure is extremely important and should be done weekly or before a big ride. Underinflated or overinflated tires can affect handling and breaking which could result in an accident. Always inflate your tires to the correct pressure level, which will vary depending on your tires, style of bike, and whether or not you will have a pillion passenger. Check the tires with a good quality pressure gauge, and always check when the tires are cold. Whilst there, have a quick check over the tire tread depth. If in any doubt, check with your local garage or service center.

3: Check the oil level

Keep a regular check on the oil level. You can do this by removing the oil level dip stick that screws into the side of the engine. Clean off all the oil from it, and insert it back in. Remove it again, and look at the lower end. The oil should be between the high and low mark. If it is high, take some oil out. If low, put some in.

4: Grease and lubricate

Using a good quality lubricating grease, work your way around the bike. Lubricate levels, locks, stand hinges, footrest hinges and cables. This will help to keep everything working smoothly. Just make sure not to get any lubricating grease on the brake disks.

5: Clean it!

Keeping your bike clean not only keeps it looking good, but will remove grit and grim that can clog up the bike parts, as well as providing you with an opportunity to check over the bike. Use plenty of hot soapy water to release any hardened dirt using a good quality vehicle shampoo. Rub down the bike with a large soft sponge and work on any small or hard to reach areas with a brush. Then, when thoroughly cleaned, rinse off with plenty of clean water. Once the bike has dried off, wax the bodywork including the wheels, and then buff to a high sheen.

If in any doubt, take your motorcycle along to a service center or garage. Search in your local directory or online for a service center or garage close to you. A good service center or garage can also fit any motorcycle accessories you may wish to add, including exhaust modifications.

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